About Us

This is who we are


Citizens for Peace and Development (CIPAD) is a citizen centred public benefit organization registered in Kenya, whose main goal is to create an informed, empowered and actively engaged citizens in promotion of good governance and socio-economic development at the Counties in Kenya.


CIPAD works with organized community groups in order to empower and link them with opportunities and promote citizens engagement in governance and development. The mantra of CIPAD is, “Nothing for us, without us!” which underlines the commitment to ensure that the citizens are at the core of all activities that concern the well-being of the society.

The main areas of intervention for CIPAD are in:

  • Promotion of good governance and civic education.
  • Conflict management and peace building.
  • Environmental conservation and climate justice.
  • Trainings on good agricultural practices and value chain development.
  • Youth motivation trainings and empowerment projects.
  • Indigenous trees and fruit seedlings nurseries.

CIPAD works with organized community groups that cut across all social groups whether in rural areas or in urban centres. CIPAD engages people from all genders without any discrimination of any form. CIPAD is sensitive and committed to empowerment of marginalized groups, women and youth. It advocates for engagement people in all activities that concern their well-being in the society, hence the mantra; Nothing for us without us!” CIPAD recognizes that environmental conservation is an essential aspect of human life in this planet in order to create a good and conducive environment that favours current and future generations. In regard to this, CIPAD is at the frontline in promotion of environmental conservation and climate justice to save the environment for present and future generations.


CIPAD builds capacity of community groups and empowers the to realize the objectives of their formation. It links community groups with opportunities and creates a network of community groups in every County that is able to exchange synergies, advocate for, and enhance the engagement of people in all matters that concern the well-being of the society.

CIPAD offers consultancy services to various organization on good governance and civic education, conflict management and peace building, and on trainings on ago-ecology and environmental conservation. It also works in partnership with various organization to deliver quality service to community groups. CIPAD runs a tree seedlings nurseries that are able to produce various types of fruits and indigenous trees for environmental conservation and agro-forestry. These seedlings are also available for sale to the public.

Tharaka Nithi County
Mukothima next to Catholic Church

Mon-Fri: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Meru County
Nkubu town Next to KWFT Bank.